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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Blog - First Post!

Hello to everyone traveling the web. I thought I'd try the blog thing, since Live Journal sucks and I'm tired of paying for it. LJ has become the black hole of the "blogs" (forgive the misuse of the term), producing the same shit everyday, with hundreds of "friends" that don't give a crap about you furthur than their next post or the shade of their next coat of nail polish. Blathering, whiney drivel that slowly eats holes into your brain, injecting poison that devours your soul. What a fucking waste of bandwidth.
On a lighter note, I'd like to say that I recently registered for Spring Semester and was able to get all the classes I wanted. This made me very happy and was worth an evening of bong hits and a pitcher of iced mango green tea. Since I was so energized, I decided to work on my pen and ink assignment - an old cut-stone and morter Episcopal church (drawing about 14" x 17"). I've been working on this bugger now for about six weeks, and it is almost done. It is a very beautiful church - looks like an old castle.
That's it for now while I gather my thoughts - I think my next post might be about a certain e-book publisher who's shafting everybody she's coming in contact with.



  1. Well, as a first blog post you have certainly opened up with an eye-catching 'ass' of a blog. GRIN

    They say honesty is the best policy and I do practice that but, unfortunately, there are times when as a publisher I need to practice diplomacy. But even in diplomacy I know how to add my zingers to get my message across.

    Congrats on the first post and looking forward to the next rant.

  2. Lea,
    Thanks for the compliment. I started this so I could throw "diplomacy" to the four winds. I DO understand YOUR need for diplomacy, though.